Wishing won’t make grass grow.  All plant life needs fertile soil and clean water to thrive.  That’s where Alford’s Landscaping comes in!  Since 2012 we’ve provided residential and commercial clients in Louisiana with irrigation system design, start-up, winterization, installation and maintenance services.  Whether you have a single broken sprinkler head or want a irrigation system with ‘set it and forget it’ controls, our trained technicians are ready to help.
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Ask anyone who takes pride in lush, green lawn or a flower bed along your house what the hardest part of maintaining it is, and chances are keeping it watered will rank toward the top.  
Maintaining optimal moisture on your property can be as easy as pushing a button, with the help of Alford’s Landscaping!  When you’re ready to quit hauling hoses and sprinklers from one end of your property to another, or bribing your kids to do it, call Alford’s Landscaping!  We’ll suggest all kinds of ways to make your life easier, and keep your plants flourishing.  

Taking the grunt out of watering.

In Louisiana, landscape lighting is extremely important.  Home security and personal safety are the most important benefits of outdoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty & security of your home.  

Another bonus is that outdoor lighting transforms the look of your home at night!  Trees are illuminated, pathways and flowerbeds are livened up. 
Creative lighting design is what we do!  
Let’s highlight the beauty of your home.