Anyone installing, designing, repairing or maintaining lawncare services must be  licensed by the LDAF- Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry.  

Our certified employees maintain their licensing with continued education through the LIA-Louisiana Irrigation Association.

Authorizes the holder to construct, install, connect, repair, maintain, improve or alter any portion of a landscape irrigation system, including the required wiring for that system. Requires the licensee to obtain a water supply protection specialist endorsement from the State Plumbing Board before connecting to a public or private water supply system. Licensees must enter into a written contract with the property owner specifying the landscape irrigation services to be performed and the sum to be paid for the services.
Scott pursued his certification and education in becoming a licensed Horticolturist through the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry.
Authorizes the holder to recommend and execute measures for interior and exterior beautification through the use of nursery stock, may sell or lease and maintain nursery stock. Includes bed preparation, plant installation, sod installation, pruning, fertilizing, landscape maintenance and operating a nursery. Cannot draw landscape designs for a fee. May prepare drawings to indicate the placement of nursery stock. Must have licensees name, the words “Landscape Horticulturist”, and license number on all drawings. Yard work (cutting lawns, edging and hand-weeding beds) is not regulated by our department and does not require a license.